What do I wear to workout?


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As a belly dance teacher one of the first questions is about belly covering.  When it comes to fitness classes, a lot of first starters don’t know what to wear. There are many adverts and YouTube channels of women working out in high-end workout gear; often in crop tops and leggings that cost a weeks worth of the grocery budget.  This leads to confusion and stress. The basics: you never need to show your belly if you don’t want to.  In a belly dance course, or any other fitness class, it is about your comfort level. You just need something comfortable that allows you to move.

wearlongI love these dance trousers

When I first started to dance I wore a full length skirt and a long top.  I wore this because it was something I had in my wardrobe, it was comfortable and rarely got in the way of my learning. As I went further in dance, I did eventually move to trousers; I found some drills much easier in trousers, but my teacher never told me to switch, it was my choice. Over time I found I tend to get hot in trousers so I switched to wearing Capris since they are the best fit for me. I wear these for Yoga, belly dance and to the gym. I purchased mine cheaply (often times from a shop like Primark) as they don’t need to be pricey, they just need to feel right to you.

Shorts and a vest, my go too for curvy yoga!

I started in t-shirts and eventually went to vests for comfort. I had my belly covered for classes. Over time, even though I might be the largest woman in the course, I sometimes could see a move better if I saw my stomach. As a teacher, showing my stomach helps my students see what muscles I am using in a move.  My students can choose to show or not show their stomach, each to their own choice.

Dance teacher gear

So to the question, “What do I wear”, the answer is simple.  Whether doing Yoga, Pilates, Belly Dance or at the gym, you need to feel comfortable and move freely. My suggestion that tends to fit many courses you take is:

  • A nice basic pair of leggings (they don’t need to be pricey, but they should fit well so you don’t spend your workout adjusting them all the time, we have all been there),
  • A basic vest or light tunic top is a great choice, as they are fitted enough not to get in the way but shouldn’t ride up, making you feel uncomfortable while you work out.
  • You just do you!

2 thoughts on “What do I wear to workout?

  1. Hi Heather, my name is Sarah and I used to go to a belly dancing class about 5yrs ago, and loved it, the class moved away and I lost touch, I really miss it. Last July I had a hip replacement, and would love to get fit and increase my flexibility, would it be ok for me to attend the class having had the hip replacement.

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    1. I think it would be fine, with belly dance we would be going gently to your needs, and building the muscles in and around the hips, especially the lower core muscles and obliques. I could work a plan with you as well, to work around those moves you need to take more slowly. I would love to have you come along and give a class a try. I do both group classes, as well private one on one courses as well. If you want to chat more, feel free to email me at curvaceousbellydance@gmail.com



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