US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Showcase

13, September, 2020 I will be hosting the 3rd online showcase, US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Showcase!

If you would like to see our first show with Faizeh you can Here or the second showcase with Marjhani, Here

This showcase offers a stage of dancers from the US, UK and France. The dancers will be offering performances in Fusion, Classical Belly Dance, Fire Belly Dance and Classical Persian Dance. These dancers are tops in their styles, awarding winning dancers, and teachers, with so much to offer. So much talent, charm and skill, you should not miss out!

I will start with introducing you to the UK Side of the show-

Natasha Bradley brings to the show stunning classical Persian Dance-

Süreya H Dancer– a Professional dancer who performs in many classical styles-

Akasha/Heike Humphreys– one of the founders of Gothla UK, she will be bringing some amazing Fusion to our night! –

Roxane Grant– A London Gem and a lovely Classical dancer-

Mika- Is a stunning dancer who performs in many styles, and is something to see.

Perizaad- This lovely performed in our first show, she is in Devilla Raks troupe Sekhmet Dance Company, Devilla having performed in our 2nd showcase, so to keep up the good luck, and because she was such a great performer, I regive you Perizaad! You can see her weekly on her show Raqs Talks!

Adrianne – She is an beautiful performer in Classical Style, and performs as part of the duet group Baladi Babes with Faizeh.

Michelle Hilario- Michelle will be performing with fire for us, on the day! She was once a member of my Gothic Belly Dance Troupe Schwarze Katzen.

And last but certainly not least,

Sahteen- I found this passionate and beautiful dancer from France watching the Infusion Emporium show and I really thought hers was a talent to share.

Black Peacock Belly Dance- a troupe that makes me think of Gothla UK and beyond, they will be sharing their fusion style.


Isadora, me, who runs Curvaceous Belly Dance and performs in both classical and Gothic Fusion styles.

I really hope you will check out all the dancers, become fans and then come see them perform live at 11:30 Pacific Standard Time, 19:30 British Summer time, online on Zoom. Tickets are on donation £3-£12/$5-$15 you can buy your tickets direct here.

Thank you so much for supporting dancers around the world, they all appreciate it so very much!

Isadora of Curvaceous Belly Dance

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