Thank you everyone!

Artist INKIE Photographer Me

Wow, I have to admit I have been all smiles and almost too full of words for how well that last show went. But I wanted to send out a lot of public thank you’s because honestly, this could not have happened without all of you.

First thank you to the audience I have noticed quite a lot of repeat guests coming to the showcases and that means so very much to me. I love that you are enjoying what I am offering and what I am doing, so thank you, so much for supporting me, but also for all of your support for all these amazing dancers who have graced our internet stage. Without you I mean it, I could not do these shows 🙂

Next a big THANK YOU to my husband John, forever after this point to be known as, “The Tech Guy” LOL. Before this show I did almost everything on my own, bringing in “The Tech Guy” has helped so much, as he learns the tech I know our shows will get even better! Live online shows are definitely a lot more work, but there is just something about them I love so much. I feel very lucky to host them and with his help I know we can bring you shows that will entertain and offer something super special. So thank you, “The Tech Guy” !!!

I also need to offer the biggest thanks to our performers, all of you were so beautiful and amazing to watch, each one of you stood as your own unique star, offering something so individual and so completely true and perfect for the show, without you the shows would be nothing. So huge thank you to every single one of you, you all are just fantastic and everyone should follow you all and should get to know all these talented performers.

I really mean it all, and want you to all know how much thanks I put out to all of you, who let this crazy little dream of mine grow into something I think is pretty special!

All the best,


PS- The Tech Guy is editing the video and it will be available to watch soon!

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