Shimmy Tech

So well this as been a crazy year, now hasn’t it?
I know, to put it lightly!

While this year has created a lot of bad change, and a lot of us miss performing live, this time has also pushed us, often rather forcibly, towards having to learn new technical skills. Lighting, Social Media, Zoom, Tic Toc, Facebook live, and all the rest has become a new language and a learning opportunity, in order to continue dancing, teaching and staying in contact with the community.

This whole push is what started the idea of Shimmy Tech, I wanted to have a space to help dancers to get some tips, hacks and tricks for doing the new work we do online. From this, I hope to offer regular “Tips” on the Curvaceous Belly Dance sites, and to offer Interviews and videos with more indepth insight into many different areas of technology and social media.

I am now very proud to offer up our first interview, Camilla Cream of The Profitable Performer. Camilla came on and offered a lot of great, practical advice, for your Branding and Marketing using Facebook and Instagram. She also has an offer good till Halloween for discounts on her One on One Coaching Courses, definitely have a look into that deal!

Here is a Link to that Video

So keep your eyes open and subscribe to my channel on YouTube so you don’t miss out.

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