A Nightmare Before Christmas Showcase

I am so pleased to be bringing you our 5th showcase and the last one of the year. Bringing you one of my favourite themes, along side some amazing talent, so let’s get right to announcing the cast!

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Getting right into it with announcing Princess Farhana, she probably does not need an introduction, but we will give her own…..

International dance star Princess Farhana has performed, taught, researched and written about Belly Dance and Burlesque since 1990. She has appeared performing both styles of dance in Australia, China, Egypt and Turkey and has toured extensively many times across Europe, The United Kingdom and North America, including Alaska and Hawaii.

An artistic chameleon and pioneer, she performs many styles of dance with ease, from ultra traditional to contemporary Belly Dance and classic as well as Neo burlesque. For over ten years ( 1995-2005) she was a soloist in the world’s very first Neo-Burlesque troupe, the Velvet Hammer Burlesque, and spent two years ( 2005-2007) touring with comedian Margaret Cho’s Burlesque Variety show “The Sensuous Woman” as a principle dancer. In 2014, she was the keynote speaker at one of the largest Burlesque festivals in America, BurlyCon in Seattle, she headlined the Helsinki Burlesque Festival, and also appeared on the cover of The London Sunday Times in an article on American Burlesque.

The Princess was trained in Egyptian style Belly dance by Zahra Zuhair in Los lauded as a theatrical performer, conceiving and executing Oriental fantasy tableaux in minute detail, a dramatically recreating vintage styles of belly dance from the Edwardian Era, the 1920’s and The Egyptian Golden Age. She has appeared belly dancing in major films, in documentaries , music videos and on television, and has starred in over twenty instructional DVDs and been featured on numerous performance DVDs too. She is the author of the popular, critically acclaimed book, “The Belly Dance Hand Book: A Companion For The Serious Dancer”. Since 2017, she has conveived, co-produced and performed in the continuously sold-out monthly occult burlesque show “Belle, Book And Candle” in Los Angeles.



I found this amazing performer on Instagram and became an instant fan girl, I am so excited to be hosting her on this show!

Kambrah Gil Professional dancer of Metal Bellydance, Dark Fusion and Fusion Bellydance, has a trajectory of more than 12 years. Certified Teacher in Yoga and in the STTOT Pilates system. Her training is based on Oriental Dance, Bellydance Fusion and Tribal Style Belly Dance ATS, ITS (currently called FatCailyBellydance). Graduated from the Morah Najam Arabic Dance Academy, in 2011 she obtained the Certificate from Elsanne Barrows Director of Tribal Teachers (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), in 2015 she accredited the Diploma of Professional Dancers of Group Improvisation directed by Sharon Kerr. Dancer in constant preparation, she has taken various workshops and seminars with great personalities of the environment, both national and international. Former member of the Dumanni Dance Company, a company directed by the great international dancer Caro Dumanni. Her taste for musical genres such as Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Gothic, led her to merge her dance with her passion for music, thus obtaining her own style. Promoter of events under the Dance at Night label, being the means to spread and promote dark dance in her city. Designer and manufacturer of her own clothing brand Kambrah Wear. Kambrah has given workshops in and outside of Mexico City. It is characterized by its unique style, its dance and trajectory have led it to perform on large stages, spreading the Metal Bellydance scene, it is worth mentioning its participation with great bands of Metal, Rock and Gothic Metal, national and international, such as: Wings Of Victory, Falkor, Erszebeth, Orphaned Land and Therion, Kambrah is recognized for her great contribution and diffusion in the Gothic Metal Bellydance genre in her country. For Kambrah, dance is the magic that transforms her being, entering the darkness to find her light.


Social networks Instagram: @kambrahgil
Facebook page: Kambrah Dark Goddess

This performer has performed at this years online Gothla UK event, but what really made me think this performer should join our dark event was his amazing Silent Hill Performance at a Raqs Geek event.

So I give you, Kamrah Raqs!Kamrah is Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer. He teaches and performs in multiple styles of dance, and is known for his show Raks Terror and being a soloist in Chicago’s premiere geeky belly dance and fire troupe, Raks Geek.


A stunning perfomer with a strong style and beauty, I love to watch her dance, I give you Dom Locke…

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Dom Locke is a fusion dancer drawing inspiration from bellydance, photography, and musicians. In 2010, she earned a bachelor’s degree in photography, helping her to develop a strong foundation in concept creation and innovation.


Another fantastic dancer, I fell for on Social Media, she has been working with the amazing Belladonna, and I am thrilled to give you, Cherrá !!!

Located in Washington DC, Cherrá dancing roots stem from North Carolina where she was introduced to Raqs Sharqi by Diane “ Daliana” Carter and was spoiled by the diversity atmosphere Daliana createdfor her students and her in house Troupe Bellysima. After spending 9 years at her dance home, Cherrá transitioned to Washington DC and Sahara Dance where she became part of the faculty teaching Beginner 1&2 classes Along with joining in house troupes Raqqesat East and Ebony Qualls and Raqqesat Shimmypop. Cherrá currently holds Bohohemian Blade Level 2 certification under Belladonna and a Journey to Egypt 1&2 Certification. Cherrá mantra is everything in the universe has rhythm and everything dances! -Maya AngelouAlways feel your rhythm and let it move you!


Anyone at my shows, knows how much I love props, and my most favourite is FIRE! I am so pleased, I could talk these ladies into working together even in lockdown, to create an amazing Fire piece for us, for the show!! I give you….. Metal Maidens!

The Metal Maidens are a belly dance inspired Rock and metal dance group based in South Wales, UK. We use various elements in our dances, such as belly dance, burlesque, contemporary, prop work and fire. For this show, we have put together a lockdown freestyle fire performance!Members of the Maidens are :Laura B – Founder, Laura W, Heather, Hannah, Liz, Starbreeze, and Lorraine.


I chose to announce this dancer next, because she will be bringing something different to our show and I love how this flyer came together!

First she died, now she’s dead… she’s the undead scream queen, the living dead showghoul, Miss Gina Colada!This creepy little gore whore clawed her way out from the grave and to the stage with a need to perform, but her time on the other side made her a little… different. She’s not afraid of anything… but you might be.

She will be bringing tease, and horror in this amazing Burlesque act!

Find her on https://www.instagram.com/_ifyoulikeginacoladas_/

I have wanted an excuse to host this performer for some time, she is not goth, but she is Burlesque and so amazing to watch, that she is sure to bring us, something sexy, sensual and strong, I give you Seneca Moore!

Seneca Moore is from Bakersfield,Ca. I’m 45 years old and I love to dance . I have been dancing all my life, I discovered the beautiful art of bellydancing in 1999 and the aerial arts in 2011. I love them both so much that I blended the two and incorporated them into my regular workouts on my pullup bar. Who knew pull up bars could be so fun!?!?


One last performer. How about some dance Hoop?

I give you RoRo!My tricks are a treat. Creepily coming to your cabaret from a living room in Nottingham. RoRo is an established hoop star, teacher, and trickster. This hooper has performed at events big and small all over the UK and online internationally, she likes to showcase captivating technical skills with a sprinkle of trickery, vivacity, and multi hoop magic. RoRo teaches regularly all over the UK, as well as at conventions and circus events. She has been running weekly hoop classes during covid-19 and performing online. Her company Project Hoop, has featured for the BBC, on TV and radio.


Don’t forget to get your tickets, see you on the day!

Also for the first time, we will be selling YouTube tickets as well, if you are not available on the day or you are in a time zone that is not available to watch live! Details coming soon!

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