Top 9 of 2020

Some trends on Social Media can get so popular, with thousands jumping on the same bandwagon, leaving your posts lost in the noise, but let’s talk about how you can get more then just a single post from the latest trend of the Top 9 of 2020!

So what is the Top 9 of 2020?

If you have not seen this trend popping up yet on your Instagram or re-shared on Facebook, it is a app that tells you your most liked posts as well as your overall total of likes for 2020.

It is an easy post to fill your content, with a popular tag, but have you used your “Top 9” yet, to see what it can teach you? This post is breaking down what you can learn from your “Top 9” so you can see an even bigger return on your Social Media posts in 2021.

So let’s start, here is my Grid;

The first thing I can learn, is that I have spent more attention on my Burlesque page vs, my Curvaceous Belly Dance page. My Burlesque page has 300 more followers and 14.2K likes vs the 6.8k likes my belly dance page has. I know there are spaces when I neglected my belly dance page and it shows. For those of us juggling multiple pages, I know how difficult it can be, so regularly weigh out if you really need multiple accounts, because it can be hard to treat all your accounts equally. But let’s focus on my Curvaceous Belly Dance grid for our chat!

So, using your memory, first look at your images, what do you see in these photos that jogs your memory? Are they still images or videos? Were they from a project or social media challenge you took part in? What made these photos “special” to draw the most likes?

Next you want to go on Instagram and start pulling up the most liked posts, the easiest way, is to go to your “Insights”, go to Post Content you shared and this should have your posts listed by most “Views”, from there you should be able to easily find these posts.

My top liked photo, is a IGTV video, it is me having a bit of practice in street clothing, there is music, I tagged it with a lot more “practice” related terms, then I normally do, this was also part of of a Social Media challenge. In the post I discuss my worries about being “wrong” in interrupting Middle Eastern music in my dance, but it seems to have been the right mix of post and video because it had over 2,100 views. From this, I am going to revisit my #Bellydancemum and #Bellydancepractice tags for sure.

For the second most liked post, it is another video, with a bit of free drum music I found online, it shares similar tags, but has 350 views, so while it had lower views, I still had very good likes and comment return, it makes me want to continue to post practice videos as they seem well liked.

The third most popular is a series of 5 photos, that was an introduction as part of a Social Media challenge, and I am clearly seeing a pattern! Social Media challenges work for me! Interesting for me, this post has less then half the views of my top most viewed post, but it had so much more interaction. I think taking time to reintroduce myself might be a good thing to revisit maybe seasonally to let new followers get to know me more.

The last most liked posts include, a post about bra making for big busts and tags a big online independent bra shop, a dance practice video that included a very down to earth view of real life dancing, that really connected with other dancers, a social media challenge for belly rolls, a intro for a Social Media challenge, another down to earth video, that included outtakes of my child sneaking in the back of my video, and a game of 4 truths and a lie for a Social Media challenge.

So what does this all mean?
For me, I have learned, videos are my top draw, I received the most views and likes from videos overall. Social Media challenges seem to be a great way to bring people in and get them to engage with my account. I also noticed that all of my top liked posts, were about getting to know me! They were honest, they had a connection to me as a person, they were not always “perfect”, but each one had a point that related to my audience.

From what I learned, I am going to go back and make sure my posts are as interesting as my photos, and I am going to check out more future challenges. I will have a look at the tags I used, but I think what I was posting might be the reason these posts did so well!

Now it is your turn, go have a look at what you can learn from your Top 9 posts! You might find out totally different things then I shared, but I suspect you will see connections forming on how your audience reacts to you and what you are posting. See if you can use this information to draw even more likes for next years Top 9.

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