Building and Storing Content

Two lipsticks one look!

I have touched on this topic before, and you can see the Youtube video in this link, but I wanted to revisit the idea in a blog post, because it is such a huge part of making your Social Media work for you.

Building your content, is part of creating the posts that you want to share on your Social Media. Building content, is more then just those quick posts you throw up on your page, instead these are posts, that are aimed at further building your persona on Social Media. These posts, should look at what your audience and market respond to best, and reflect your brand. The pictures and images don’t need to be “Perfect” and over curated, but instead should build on sharing what makes you special and worth interacting with, following, and worth hiring, as a teacher or performer. Because as dancers the end goal is getting hired.

The reality is, we don’t all have time to curate our Social Media, and create this type of well directed post everyday. That leaves us ignoring our Social Media or posting more random posts, that do not really push our followers to interact with us. So how can we get the content that engages our audience, when you just don’t have the time or mindset to create the content? That is where storing content comes in!

Think about your audience, and what you have upcoming before you start. For me, I am creating content for two unique accounts, I have a Belly Dance persona as well as a Burlesque persona, so on the day my goal was to create some fun up beat, and dance focused content, as well as some more Gothic, and sexy content to fill in for both accounts. I wanted to have at least 4 posts worth of unique content 2 when finished.

Now when you have time, gather what you need. For my photo shoot I used;
1. One classic fringe Bra and Belt set
2. A funky Coat
3. 2 lipsticks
4. 2 pairs of earrings
5. 2 props (a veil and fire fans)
6. A tripod
7. A Bluetooth photo clicker

I was shooting outside, so I had no place to change clothing, so that effected my choices.

Next, I went outside and analyzed, the light, the backgrounds different areas provided, and created a mini plan, deciding which props and look matched each area.

Now it was time to start. First, I wanted to get a shot for this post, so I went in with no lipstick and shot the image you see on the top of this post. Then I choose the lipstick I had planned for my Belly Dance content shots, and went to work. With my trusty Bluetooth photo clicker, I shot in 4 locations in the small outdoors space I was using. I did close up, full body, motion shots and even video. I suspect I have about 5 posts worth of content from these photos. Here are a few shots!

My Curvaceous Belly Dance Content

Next, I switched earrings and lipsticks and created this block of looks. As you can see, any audience would have no idea these were taken the same day, without being told.

Content for my Gothic Belly Dance and Endora Sparks pages

The point of showing you such drastic look changes across my two pages, is to show you how varied you can get with very little work. In fact 2 of the above images actually have the same lipstick as the first look, but the coat creates such a different look you don’t even notice. This is how you can build great content, when you have the time to set aside to create. This photo shoot took about 30 minutes all together makeup and shooting. With even more time and a space to change, I probably could have created 10 or more posts worth of content, but the reality is most of us have more 30 minute windows free, vs. hour long windows free, so wanted to show how much can be done with a realistic window.

I took 300+ photos, some were taken in short bursts, some individually shot. The point is more is better! Even models do not have 100% ratio of useable shots, so shoot more, taking time to make small adjustments to your angles to try and get the best shot. Be ok deleting tons of photos, that is expected, it is all to get that handful of great shots that we keep shooting for.

My last bit of advice, don’t get excited and post everything you just created all at once! I find this the hardest advice overall to follow. Try to schedule posts where you can, and create a rough plan of when you want to post the content, so you can ease it out, and really get the most bang for your buck!

I really hope this helps you in understanding how you can set aside a small amount of time to get more for your Social Media, by being thoughtful, having a plan, and making small appearance and background changes, that can really make a huge change to help you build the best content.

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