Hello and welcome to the schedule for the New Year Shimmy! This challenge is set up for all levels, students, teachers and/or performers. The goal is to teach you some new skills, thinking of how you approach social media, and get you posting more to increase your reach.

Each week you will have;
Projects- these are things for you to do on your own, if you feel inspired by them use them for posts, but you don’t have to complete all of them to win, but they are there to help you move ahead, so hope you check them out. If you are inspired you them to post content, I would love to see them tagged both #Newyearshimmy and #Newyearshimmyproject

Posts- You will have 3 post prompts each week you can choose which days of the week work for you to post them. To help with the audit at the end, can you can tag them with the #Newyearshimmy hashtag.

Tips- During the challenge I will send out a Weekly Tips by email. This Email will include lots of information about learning new skills or get you thinking about subjects you already know.

week 1

Looking Back/ Who are you?

Let’s get started! After your sign up, just jump right in!


1. Using the link here go back and analyze your Top 9 posts from 2020. See what you can learn.

2. Establish 3 Goals you want to accomplish with this challenge.


1. Post up your #NewYearShimmy flyer with your lovely face and name included.

2. Post your Favourite past performance and explain what makes it your favourite.

3. Use 3 images that you just love of yourself, use these to introduce yourself.

week 2

Building your brand/ What makes you special?

Week 2 starts with looking at photography, your images and starting to see how that works with your branding.


1. Use lighting to create different emotions, test out your best natural light sources. Try to do a photoshoot you have never tried close to your home or in your home before.

2. Perspective is something that can change the emotional impact of your photos and videos, using the Weekly tip, how do you think you can change the perspective you video and photograph at to change your content.


  1. Post one Image or Video that tells us your brand as a performer or teacher.

    2. Post a practice video of a move or choreography you are currently working on

    3. What drives you? What Inspires or moves you outside of dance?

week 3

Building your Future/ Where do you want to go?

Week three is to start looking at things from your audiences eye. What story do you want to tell them, hat journey are you going to take them on, and why should they follow you?


1. Using the goals you set in the first of the week, look to create a schedule for next week.

Included in the Weekly Tips email will be more on the topic to help you with this project.

2. Using the information about building content, pick a day to create the content you will use for your scheduled week of posts.


1. Read the weekly tips section on Colours and texts and create an post with text using a favourite motto or phrase.

2. Choose one or all of the below to inspire a post;
a. Be Silly, Be Fun! Show your audience another side of you!
b. Get serious. Tell your audience something that has been on your mind. A topic related to dance that means a lot to you.
c. Inspire! Offer a motivational message, tell your audience about something you have over come or something you are working on, that can encourage your audience.

3. Create a short dance piece that uses emotions to take your audience on a ride.

week 4

Take Stock, What did I learn?

Week 4 is to take everything in, try to look at your future content, in context with all you have learned so far.

1. Take this last week to set new goals from what you learned, post your scheduled posts, and see what worked and did not work for you by looking over all your insights from the past few weeks.


1. What was your take away from this event? Post about what you learned and enjoyed.

2. Repost some one who you met in this challenge, some one that made you laugh, inspired you, or just gave your content you truly enjoyed.

3. Take a Selfie! Sometimes a selfie has it’s place, and have fun!

Don’t forget to check out the Show, and if you want to learn how to run a show, from the other side check out the workshop.

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