New Year Shimmy Showcase

I am so excited to be announcing our 6th showcase!

This showcase includes a few of the dancers I have just fallen for and some of the wonderful dancers who joined us for the NewYearShimmy Challenge. This show will include more traditional and fusion belly dance styles from wonderful talent from the US, UK and Europe.

If you would like to donate use the links here, or you can pay what ever you like;
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Alia Saeed-
Is a talented dancer from the Los Angeles area. I first meet her at the Southern California Renaissance faire, but her talent extends into traditional styles as well. She is some one I have wanted to host from my earliest show and I am so happy to finally be hosting Alia!

Laura Leyl-

Laura Leyl is a professional bellydancer based in Los Angeles. She is a protégé of the legendary American Cabaret dancer, Alexandra King. She continued her dance education with master Egyptian-style instructor, Zahra Zuhair. Laura’s accolades include winning the title at Hot Raqs in 2018 and Belly Dancer USA in 2019.  She has been on the teaching staff of DanceGardenLA since 2018.  Laura’s emotional, elegant, and fluid style, influenced by the diversity of American Cabaret style, is making waves in the bellydance community. Follow her online at FB: @lauraleylbellydance, IG: @lauraleylbellydance, YT: Laura Leyl Bellydance,

Aya Baheera
Is a performer I found on Instagram and I was just so taken by her style I had to invite her to the show, coming to us from Florida, I give you Aya Baheera.
Aya Baheera is a dancer based in Florida. Aya’s journey in Bellydance began nearly 12 years ago. Since then, Bellydance has become a vital part of her life. She has studied this art form with teachers and other dancers from various countries including the United States, Japan, and South Korea. She currently teaches and performs at various restaurants and festivals and has been praised for her energetic, elegant, and romantic style of performance; and it brings her great joy to share her passion with others.

Nikkal FeyRose
Multiple award winning Bellydancer and musician, Nikkal FeyRosė has been dancing off and on for most of her life. Belly Dancing was an interest she picked up in 1983. FEY has had many years or formal dance training in Ballet, Tap, Bollywood, Hula, Tahitian, Modern, Street Salsa and some ballroom dancing. She has performed at a multitude of venues and restaurants
Specialties: Swords, Snake Charming, Canes, Shamadan, Fire, Balancing, Veils, Wings, drum solos, choreography and much more.

Siobhan Camille-
Siobhan Camille is a multi-award winning belly dancer, and is the founder of Greenstone Belly Dance in the Netherlands. Her love of music is equaled only by her love of movement, making belly dance her perfect match. Siobhan Camille takes a particular interest in the health, strength and performance of dancers, as she is not only a professional belly dancer, but also an exercise scientist. She has over a decade of experience working with athletes and dancers across the globe, helping them to recover from injury and improve their performance.


Jesenia is a multi-award-winning professional dancer based out of Jacksonville , FL. Her performances tell a story of discovery and preservation that are often described as captivating and dynamic.

Andromeda is the creative mind behind Sapphire Dance Company and has been dancing since her teens.  Since then she has studied oriental and fusion styles with national and international teachers.  She has been teaching bellydance since 2006; she loves the scope that bellydance gives for drama, intensity and the unexpected.  This is an old favourite choreography resurrected for performance at home.

Selene Swan
Selene Swan is a Portuguese modern dancer and dance neuroscientist who teaches regular Neuroscience of Dance and Dance Healing workshops worldwide. Spontaneous and thirsty for movement exploration, she has developed her own signature of movement named Kryptic Dance due to her tendency to do abrupt, wild, weird, grotesque, eerie and sharp movements in a graceful fluid way.⁣

Audie is an Egyptian style belly dancer who has been performing and teaching since 1994. Although her training is in traditional Cabaret style, her love for the dance led her to study folkloric, and modern fusion styles. Audie has taught and performed all over the US at conferences, stage events and festivals. She is the Artistic Director and Choreographer for The Daughters of HetHaru and teaches weekly classes online and in person in the New York/New Jersey area.

Miss Morbid-
Miss Morbid has been dancing for as long as she can remember.  It is only recently that she has begun to study belly dance for more than just a fun way to stay fit.  She started with a face to face cabaret fusion class at Golden Isles Belly Dance in Brunswick, GA and was hooked.  During the COVID closures, she began exploring tribal fusion and eventually found the Stygian Collective online.  Now, Miss Morbid enjoys learning through both companies.  She can be found online @turtle_oak_watercolors_ on Instagram and @naturallymorbiddance on Facebook.  

Lisa Jean-
Lisa Jean is a performer and instructor based in Wamego, Kansas.  With over 20 years of experience in belly dancing, plus a background in modern dance, she fuses traditional moves with old school glamour to create a captivating experience for her audience.  Find out more, including online classes in dance and barre fitness at her website.

And because it has been a super fun addition to all of our shows, we have our pre-show number coming from the lovely troupe,

Emerald Bellydance Troupe-
Emerald Bellydance Troupe is an Egyptian and fusion group from North Wales.  Under normal circumstances, they perform regularly around the North West and at Gothla UK every year.  They have managed to keep going through lockdown with zoom classes and learned this piece for the local Christmas hafla; something bright and breezy to lift the spirits.

Don’t forget to book your tickets today, this will be a fantastic show!

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