Spring Clean your Online Presence

Let’s be honest keeping up a website can be hard, it is a task that can’t be done on our phones and can be a tedious hassle, so this task often is put off to the side. But with so many areas opening up to allow face to face lessons and performances again, this is the perfect time to revisit your website.

Depending on how you have your class or performance listings set up, even if they are automated elsewhere, you should visit your webpage at least twice a year to do a full checkup. Start by making sure all your information is up to date, remove or archive old events, make sure class times and location(s) are current, make sure your website looks current so your clients know you are still active and that they can find your current schedule.

Take this time to refresh your bio, add new skills, or refresh the look making sure it sells everything that you do and makes you unique. Update photos, change colours, any changes you would like big or small, jump on those now.

The last big thing, is to go over every link on your site, make sure they all work, and are active. Check your task bar, it should link to every thing you offering, making it very easy for your potential customers to get the information they need quickly and easily. Check out your social media links to see if they work. Also now is the time if you find your are not actively using one platform, then remove it from your site, it is best to offer where your are most active for the best reach.

After you have had a good clean on your website, why not take the time to Google your business. Start by Googling your business name, then follow that with your business type and location, for example “bellydance class London”. Google variations of your business, if you want to get an even bigger view of your business, include “bellydance teacher London”, “Belly Dancer London”, have a look at how those results differ to help you add missing keywords to both your website and your “Google my Business” listing.

Google my Business (GMB) is the listings you see when you do a Google search for a business in your local area. That red box in the image above. These listings are free and easy to claim with Google. When you claim your business listing, you should fill them out as completely as possible. Make sure to add images, and use the analytics as well. Connecting your business to as many of the key searches your potential customers will use, can help increase your success being seen.

Even if you have a GMB now is the time to make sure all your information is up to date, see if your images need updating and as classes start again, why not reach out to your students, to see if they will drop you a review. A current, complete and professional GMB is known to drive customers to your listings so it is worth the time to have a clean and update at least twice a year.

This blog topic actually came to me, after unsuccessfully looking for a new dance class in another style. As a potential customer, I found out of date, or abandoned websites, websites with broken links and was left frustrated, I gave up. Now imagine, if one business owner in my area, had done an update on their websites and/or GMB I would have easily found a class to book. This was a learning experience for me, being on the other side and reminded me how important it really is, keeping your presence up to date. So it never hurts to step back and see your site as a customer, to make sure you are ticking all the boxes.

And yes, I went and Spring Cleaned my site as well 🙂

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