My 3 Top Tips for Technology-

I wanted to drop my 3 quick tips for dealing with technology from one of the articles I did for Mosaic a while back. These tips are for software, hardware and anything you do online.

1. RESEARCH! So much knowledge is already out there, Google is your friend, ask around, but the reality is so many people have already asked the questions online, sometimes a tiny bit of digging can find you that answer faster then you think.

If you have a question or find you have an issue you need solved, start with a search.

2. Find free solutions first. Many people are trying to find solutions for online problems by going out and buying things when sometimes free solutions might be an even better fit. Open source software, using free software over hardware and getting creative, can often solve your problems better then going out and spending money. In hosting shows, I have found some great open source software, lamps create great light, and online soundboards have all helped improve the quality of our shows, and none of these solutions cost us anything . Sometimes looking around you can find less expensive solutions, that are just as good if not better, then going shopping.

3. Practice! We say it to our students all the time, and in this case tech is no different. Get a few house devices (multiple phones or laptops) up or Zoom call your friends and test things out, to get the best fit for what works for you. Also, if something seems like a bad fit, don’t be afraid to try something new.

You can never say enough practice, practice, practice.

Just some quick tips, that can help you at any stage, and for shows, photographs, social media or anything else you do that requires technology!

Hope you are enjoying that sun and getting back to face to face classes!

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