Online Tech Services

I started doing my online showcases, from a place of “home sickness”, but they built in a way I never imagined. I have to this point produced 8 showcases, 6 of my own and 2 for other dancers. This experience has been so exciting and has taught me so much. From this I have builtContinue reading “Online Tech Services”

Is Social Media for me?

Many people talk about all the different forms of social media, in regards to business, but do you know which social media is best for you? Social media has really grown in how it brings in information to us all, and many businesses have taken advantage of that, but does it mean it is theContinue reading “Is Social Media for me?”


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About Me

Originally from the US, I now live in the UK. I have trained in American Cabaret, Improve Styles, and Gothic Fusion. My main focus now is Gothic Fusion and American Cabaret, and I teach and perform both styles. My teaching and ethos focuses on being body postive, creating space for everyone, and making space for diverse dancers especially in my shows.

Pronouns She/Her

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