New Year Shimmy Showcase

I am so excited to be announcing our 6th showcase! This showcase includes a few of the dancers I have just fallen for and some of the wonderful dancers who joined us for the NewYearShimmy Challenge. This show will include more traditional and fusion belly dance styles from wonderful talent from the US, UK andContinue reading “New Year Shimmy Showcase”

A Nightmare Before Christmas Showcase

I am so pleased to be bringing you our 5th showcase and the last one of the year. Bringing you one of my favourite themes, along side some amazing talent, so let’s get right to announcing the cast! Buy your tickets here! Getting right into it with announcing Princess Farhana, she probably does not needContinue reading “A Nightmare Before Christmas Showcase”

Isadora’s Birthday Dance Spectacular!

It is my birthday next month and I wanted to throw a party and provide all of the entertainment, so I am! Following on the path that I have been building, I am hosting another showcase packed with top talent, stretching even a bit further this time. This is a chance to see live performancesContinue reading “Isadora’s Birthday Dance Spectacular!”

US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Showcase

13, September, 2020 I will be hosting the 3rd online showcase, US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Showcase! If you would like to see our first show with Faizeh you can Here or the second showcase with Marjhani, Here This showcase offers a stage of dancers from the US, UK and France. The dancers will be offeringContinue reading “US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Showcase”

Marjhani’s Retirement Showcase

If you would like to receive a early release link to see the Memento Carnival showcase with Marjhani BellaMorte, on Youtube, and have not donated for your ticket, please send your donations using Paypal to; In US dollars In GBP or Euros I will be sending the links to your paypal email address, if youContinue reading “Marjhani’s Retirement Showcase”

US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Brunch with Faizeh

Taking advantage of the postive side of this whole isolation and technology, I decided to  to reach out to the amazing dancers I missed back in California, especially the charming and Sassy Faizeh, and bring them to a time zone that worked for viewers in the UK/EU as well as those who were looking forContinue reading “US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Brunch with Faizeh”