Tickets for Isadora’s Birthday Dance Spectacular!

The show is 17 October 202011:30am California Time, 2:30pm New York Time, 7:30pm UK time and 8:30 in the Western Europe. Use the links below to buy tickets direct from Paypal, you must have a ticket to get your Zoom link 🙂 Tickets are on a sliding scale so you can pay what you canContinue reading “Tickets for Isadora’s Birthday Dance Spectacular!”

US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Tickets!

13, September, 2020 Doors open at 11:30 Pacific Standard Time and 19:30 British Summer Time The show will be held on Zoom, you will get your link to the show via your Paypal Email address, 2 days before the show. We are offering tiers so everyone can pay what works best for them, while helpingContinue reading “US/UK Belly Dance Hafla Tickets!”

Nightmare Before Christmas Belly Dance Course

  Happy Halloween, and Happy Christmas all in one! For anyone who knows me, they know I am a huge fan of the film The Nightmare Before Christmas, they also know when it comes to my belly dance, some times I like to go out and do something a bit different, so this class isContinue reading “Nightmare Before Christmas Belly Dance Course”

This is Halloween… Dance Style!

For Halloween, I am bringing you a taste of the dark side… of belly dance. We will layer belly dance moves, with club moves, and bring them together with Punk, Goth and EBM music for you to learn and experience, in a body positive, warm environment. This class is a fun workout, that is lowContinue reading “This is Halloween… Dance Style!”

What do I wear to workout?

Some one joined my photoshoot! As a belly dance teacher one of the first questions is about belly covering.  When it comes to fitness classes, a lot of first starters don’t know what to wear. There are many adverts and YouTube channels of women working out in high-end workout gear; often in crop tops andContinue reading “What do I wear to workout?”